Is VuPoint an expert advisory websites?

The straight answer is NO. VuPoint’s agenda is not to aggregate individuals who may be available for advice or consulting. Leaders featured in VuPoint are senior executives with proven experiences in specific areas. They are happy to share the challenges, opportunities to bring about significant unbiased awareness on their topics of specialization.

The need for expert advice in India has been around for several years. VuPoint aims to bridge this gap in the most simple and straightforward manner.

People sift through content from various sources and have several conversations before finding what they need. It is chaotic and overpopulated. This is extremely time consuming and therefore, not ideal. 

On VuPoint, content is carefully curated. It is focused on addressing current and potential business issues. This content is presented in a single repository in a systematic manner so that knowledge seekers don’t waste time and energy to find advice on topics relevant to them. 

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