Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why VuPoint?

    The world of knowledge is chaotic. People spend hours looking for perspective and insights on a variety of topics. The internet is cluttered with archaic, generic or biased content largely in long text format. 

    Knowledge seekers want a single window to content that address diverse functional and inspirational needs. And they don’t have hours rummaging through and hoping to get the headlines they really want.

    VuPoint is “Knowledge On-the-Go”. It offers a variety of bite sized videos featuring global and Indian leaders and experts who have walked the journey and are happy to share their viewpoints. Several topics, micro topics across industries, relevant across the hierarchy of any organisation.

    A significant portion of the video’s are exclusively created by VuPoint and also offer functional and inspirational content from third parties.

  • What is the purpose and objective of VuPoint?

    Vupoint gives perspective and viewpoints to over a hundred million individuals in business environments or looking at entering the work world. White collared generalists, knowledge workers and decision-makers. It provides insights and knowledge on areas of specific importance to them. The content is curated across a variety of subjects’ viz. leadership, workforce, operations, digital, finance, customer experience, communications etc.

    All this and more in an exclusive platform via a knowledge-tech product.

    Vupoint aims to deliver sustained value by providing new content frequently.

  • Is VuPoint an expert advisory websites?

    The straight answer is NO. VuPoint’s agenda is not to aggregate individuals who may be available for advice or consulting. Leaders featured in VuPoint are senior executives with proven experiences in specific areas. They are happy to share the challenges, opportunities to bring about significant unbiased awareness on their topics of specialization.

    The need for expert advice in India has been around for several years. VuPoint aims to bridge this gap in the most simple and straightforward manner.

    People sift through content from various sources and have several conversations before finding what they need. It is chaotic and overpopulated. This is extremely time consuming and therefore, not ideal. 

    On VuPoint, content is carefully curated. It is focused on addressing current and potential business issues. This content is presented in a single repository in a systematic manner so that knowledge seekers don’t waste time and energy to find advice on topics relevant to them. 

  • What kind of content does VuPoint provide?

    VuPoint’s content features iconic brands, thought leaders, senior experts, consulting partners  (Indian and global) talking about  topical issues and business challenges. 

    Our Top Channels feature – Leadership & Culture, Business Continuity and a key imperative – Digital Transformation. The Business Channels focus on Sales, Marketing, CX, Workforce Productivity and Industry 4.0. Corporate Channels bring insights in the operations side of the business – Finance, Supply Chain & Distribution and Risk Management

    Our audience would continue to share their specific needs every day. This drives us to keep our content refreshed with new viewpoints updated daily. 

  • Who is the founder of VuPoint?

    Punit Vanvaria is the brain behind VuPoint. Having served as the CMO, business development leader, and strategy & operations leader at Microsoft in the past, he brings deep understanding of business challenges, especially in a disruptive world. His vast network includes a spectrum of Indian business owners, global leaders, and influencers from various industries. Punit has also co-founded Corner Office Advisors, a leadership advisory brand. He is also a business coach, a CEO mentor and a leadership consultant. 

    Supporting Punit will be a mature team of experienced corporate professionals and entrepreneurs specialized in content, production, B2B sales, marketing and technology.

  • Can my content feature on VuPoint?

    We encourage people to come forward and share their learnings and best practices.

    Our audience is constantly looking for perspectives that – 

    1. Challenges their thinking
    2. Causes them to modify or change their paradigms, assumptions or actions
    3. Helps them seek information or a way of thinking that provokes them to innovate or otherwise leads to value creation in their work.

    External content must offer insights via advisory, business solutions or technology, in the form of bite sized video content.

    In case you are interested in featuring on VuPoint please click on the “Feedback” button after logging into VuPoint. Our team will get in touch with you. 

  • Can we share existing video content only?

    In the COVID era, solutions to a lot of business problems have evolved significantly or changed completely. You may provide existing content if it is relevant to the problems of today. We would review the content and publish if it meets with our guidelines.